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Like an Internship in the CIA, Plus Vodka.

My first day I sat down and I thought “I am a spy working for an advertising agency!”

Each week I am given a list of events for Double Cross Vodka. When I attend these events I make sure to write down how they set up, what the brand presence is and if anyone talks about the brand. I document the night by taking photos.

The following day I report back to DIGO and show them my findings. We discuss the events and try to see if there was anything that could have been done differently.

I have learned so much about the spirits industry. I have seen everything from fashion events to liquor store tastings to sales meetings. I truly have the best internship ever. And I get to be part of the agency in action – part of the team that takes all the intelligence I bring back and transforms it into great brand strategies, and gorgeous creative. Yup, I have a pretty cool internship.