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Local@Speed — Using Location To Create Unexpected Brand Experiences

While “SoLoMo” (social locate and mobile) is the latest industry buzzword, we’re surprised to not see more brands taking advantage of Foursquare. With location-based marketing, you start with WHERE, to seize an opportunity to put a brand spin not only on your audience’s location, but what they’re likely doing based on the venue.

At DiGo, we’re constantly searching for ways to engage our audience in unexpected, appropriate and refreshing ways.

In this SlideShare, we explore how brands such as GranataPet, PepsiMax, The History Channel, and New York real estate powerhouse The Corcoran Group have used location layers to create their own unique experience based on the landmarks and venues consumers check into as well as some thought starters on how you can invade the Olympic Games, World Cup, SuperBowl or any other major event without paying for it.

Using Location To Create Unexpected Brand Experiences from Mark DiMassimo