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Love is in the Air

On the heels of a busy end to 2013, we decided to avoid getting caught in the clutter of holiday and New Year’s cards and concentrate on a day that has more meaning in our culture. DiGo creates enthusiasm for things, people, services, ideas, organizations and brands; and in order to do this, we first have to find it within ourselves.

What better way than to celebrate Valentine’s Day with clients and prospects? First, we learned that our new client, EverBank, had checked twelve of our references resulting in the testimonial, “all of your clients love you.” (We love them, too.)

We followed this love-fest with what ended up being our most successful email ever to prospective clients–successful, because as opposed to our other brainy and witty efforts, this communication came straight from the heart. Because we love what we do and value our clients, we wanted to honor the day when love is on everyone’s minds. We sent the above beautifully-designed card to our clients and partners with a personal note because, as you know, real relationships require an investment in time, and occasional hand cramps.

More important than gaining qualified leads was sparking new business friendships and mutual admiration from people who share our way of thinking, even if they never become clients. In the end, some of the best business relationships come from mutual inspiration rather than a laser focus on profits.

So whether you’re ready to fall in love with a new agency or simply want to admire us from afar, please don’t hesitate to send some love our way.

Valentine's Day Card