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Mark DiMassimo’s 2014 Day One Message

DIGO, DiMassimo Goldstein, Proove, Propolis, Origami… in our WHY, we are all one and we must all be one.

Since Simon Sinek says that effective leaders start with WHY, I’m going to start off 2014 with the one word that describes the why of DiMassimo Goldstein (DIGO). That word is…


This comes from Greek words meaning to get a god inside you. Think of it as having life breathed into you. The word I often use, INSPIRE is actually a synonym. It’s just the Latin version of “breath into.”

There are two ways to respond to life. One is FEAR. Often this is frozen in depression or its lukewarm cousins, boredom and ambivalence. The other direction is ENTHUSIASM. Love, curiosity, creativity, friendship, interest, affinity, enjoyment… these things come from enthusiasm.

We create enthusiasm for things, people, services, ideas, organizations and brands. And in order to do that, we first have to find it in ourselves. So, there’s your why.

We focus on growth because there are a lot of things about growing organizations that enthuse and inspire us and that challenge us to be the best we can be. And because we don’t have to fake it.

So, there’s your Day One Message.

Find, tend, teach, feed, grow, protect, challenge and expand your ENTHUSIASM this year. Tend and feed it every day. And there’s no limit to what we can do in 2014.