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NYC or Sweet Tea?

Kevin Still

Kevin Still, ACD/Writer at DiMassimo Goldstein

I never wanted to live in New York City, frankly the idea sent chills down my spine so cold it froze my southern roots. All I heard growing up was how rude New Yorker’s were because they got mugged every single day.  Plus, where do you even get real sweet tea in New York anyhow?

So, when I received an email from an old instructor and DiMassimo Goldstein creative director about visiting and checking out the opportunity to become a copywriter here, I thought, “Eh it’s a free trip to NYC, but working and living there? Not a Slurpee’s chance Hawaii.”

I have to say, no matter where you’re from; flying over the NYC skyline is breathtaking. You can see and feel the energy, even from the plane. And for the first time in my life, I was greeted at the airport with a driver dude holding up my name on a sign. I felt like kind of a big deal.

When I walked into DiMassimo Goldstein I could feel the energy. The air was electrified with creative excitement, bursting from a sleek and strikingly designed office. Complimented by the ultimate cherry on top: a Ping-Pong table! The next couple of hours were kind of a blur; I met with my potential partner (also named Kevin) and other amazingly creative and extremely talented people.

I felt my southern fueled aversion wall crumble and for the first time, could see myself fitting nicely in NYC and with these awesome people. I tossed out my engrained and utterly wrong preconceptions of NYC life, made the leap and took the job.

Now two years, a promotion, a broken arm, six improv classes, fractured leg, 2 squatters, a free tattoo and a cab full of amazing experiences later, I can honestly say taking the job at DiMassimo Goldstein and moving to NYC was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I wouldn’t trade it for 1,000 gallons of sweet tea.