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Offlining As Luxury in the New York Times

We introduced the world to the concept of Offlining and we gave this trend its name. DIGO “adopted the off button” as our pro bono client, created an organization, and showed how far big ideas, clever word-of-mouth marketing and a few dollars could go in building social buzz and even a cultural movement.
A year and a half later, the New York Times has published a very interesting story on Offlining as Luxury. Is offline the new black? Probably not, but it’s definitely a hot new destination.
We predicted wireless free “dead zones” would become precious and worthy of the efforts of conservationists and history preservationists. Today more and more people of means are willing to pay a premium for a sojourn with the added luxury of device-free respite.
We love it!
Read the New York Times story here.