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Please Enjoy Responsibly.

Max Millington
Max Millington, Sr. Art Director at DiMassimo Goldstein

If you haven’t yet, all of you, my fellow DiGoners will be asked to describe your “Proudest” moment here at DiMassimo Goldstein. So I spent this last week mulling over the last three and a half years here, and I have come to realize that I cannot answer this question.

Simply put… it can not possibly sound BAD-ASS. Like, there’s just no way…

Actually, it would be some of the most down-right cheesy sh*t you may ever hear… ever.

And you know, who knows… some hot chick may read this post at some point in the future.

And I’m sorry, but I CANNOT afford to have some future hot chick not fall in love with me, all over some touchy feel-y mumbo about how I love my job. Or because whenever when I think back to the day when I started, I tend to get teary-eyed from the inspiring growth that I personally bore witness to. All I’m saying is, that if I ever said anything like, “It’s not a just job, it’s The Life.” it wouldn’t be easy to maintain any semblance of BADASS-ARY. There just isn’t a cool way to say: Every moment at DiMassimo Goldstein is potentially my proudest. And that’s where we run into trouble…

So, I have decided it’s in everyone’s best interest go another way with it entirely, and I sketched up a few possibilities of what this future hot chick could look like…

Please Enjoy Responsibly.

By MAx