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Getting Help is For Everyone

Making it More Normal To Get Therapy and Counseling


Despite the fact that over a quarter of the US population could benefit from therapy, most still don’t seek help. Social stigma restrains people from getting the therapy they need.

Desired Positive Behavior Change

Seeking therapy. It’s for everyone. We helped challenge mental health stigmas and ingrained beliefs around therapy to drive massive behavior for BetterHelp. We know that there are family and community pressures that make seeking therapy difficult. That’s why we’re here to help you overcome. 

Positive Behavior Changing Idea

Everyone needs help from a therapist.

Behavioral Science Informed Strategy

Creating more “starts” in therapy for more people from more cultures means overcoming a host of cognitive biases. We needed to rely on a single cognitive-behavioral strategy that could effectively slice through them all. We leveraged Cognitive Dissonance theory, one of the most well-tested and documented interventions. In short, people like to think of themselves as reasonable, and have a powerful compulsion to appear consistent. We used analogies to show the unreasonableness of rejecting help for mental health problems.

Creative Execution

DiGo developed an integrated campaign including a series of four videos in :30- and :15-second executions depicting ordinary people struggling with their mental health in everyday situations accompanied with another person observing the struggles and recommending a solution. The scenarios in the ads feature approachable and accessible Positive Behavior Change Marketing challenging mental health stigmas.