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Boo at the Zoo

Creating unique brand experiences to increase awareness and drive foot traffic.

Boo at the Zoo had been a tradition for years, but attendance was dropping.

We needed to drive attendance and attract a new audience.

We created a campaign that added a unique twist to the familiar question, “What are you going to be for Halloween?” We also created the Zoo’s first-ever experiential pop-up space, appealing to the younger influencer audience. Attendance increased 13% compared to the previous year and the Bronx Zoo saw a 20% increase in total revenue — the highest in six years.


Boogie Down at the Bronx Zoo

Though the Bronx Zoo is a cultural landmark in NYC, they were struggling to attract repeat visitors. We needed to give people a reason to visit the zoo again, and we did. We conceptualized the event, Boogie Down at the Bronx Zoo, a celebration of the borough the Zoo calls home, with hip hop performances, live graffiti demos, and more. To promote the event, we captured our artists talking about their favorite Bronx Zoo memories as they made their way up to the zoo—in style. Attendance increased 9% compared to the previous year.


Passport to the World

There are hundreds of must-go-to activities in New York City during the summer, and we were challenged with getting Passport to the World to the top of that list. We designed and conceptualized a wondrous, illustrative campaign that demonstrated how traveling the world was just a NYC ride away.

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