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An Integrated Campaign

What if you could take the hassle out of eating healthy, and just enjoy the experience of cooking a fresh, delicious meal for your family?

Now more than ever, people are living extremely busy lives. Ordering Seamless or eating out is the quick dinner solution, but it’s an expensive habit often served with a side of guilt. The healthy option of shopping for and preparing home-cooked meals would be great, but who’s got time for that? But with HelloFresh, you’re presented with the best of both worlds. Cooking Healthy Doesn’t Have to Be a Full-Time Job.

Using that thought as a leaping off point, our campaign demonstrates the perceived struggles of trying to cook healthier, whether it’s investigating product labels, inspecting produce, or finding the freshest meats. On TV, for example, a husband buys cookbooks by the armful, forages for mushrooms, and wades into the sea in an 80s-inspired montage, only to come home and see his wife has already effortlessly cooked dinner using HelloFresh.

This charmingly absurd campaign was also extended to radio, print, digital, and a colorful New York City subway takeover.

Since the relaunch of the brand in Q3 2016, HelloFresh has seen a 72% rise in sales.