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Your Trader is Showing

For years TradeStation had successfully targeted active day traders, and they’d built a solid reputation as the “Cadillac” of trading platforms. But to grow the business, they needed a new audience. The self-directed professional is a younger demographic that trades to supplement their income. They don’t spend all day in front of their screens, but they still want that Cadillac. Our challenge was to develop a campaign that would maintain our current audience and attract the new one.

The “Your Trader Is Showing” campaign pulls our hero traders away from their desks and puts them in everyday situations where their trader brains takeover everyday conversations — an unintentional emergence of the trader within.

We also used the opportunity to show off revamped mobile platforms in a variety in natural settings — the gym, the beach, the city streets. The self-directed professional can identify with the look and the lifestyle, the active day trader can appreciate the dialogue, and both can appreciate the funny.