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A Behavior Change: From Binge-Watching to Binge-Learning

The Great Courses rebranded its streaming product, now called Wondrium, and set it to launch in Q2 2021. They needed to introduce the new Wondrium brand to new as well as existing customers and drive subscriptions for the new platform.

The streaming wars were well underway with consumers binge-watching unprecedented  amounts of content on Disney+, Netflix and Hulu, as a way to manage downtime during the 2020/21 COVID-19 pandemic. How does a legacy learning brand like The Great Courses break through the streaming category with a focus on learning instead of entertainment – with a fraction of the budget? 

Build brand awareness for Wondrium as the “go to” source for rewarding curiosity.

The Behavior to Change
Remove “couch potato” guilt by making streaming an opportunity to reward curiosity.

DiGo used our 3Ms process for creating a positive behavior change (Motivation and Momentum, in the Moments that matter). We focused on moments of deep wonder and positioned Wondrium as the place to learn and quench that wonder. We also identified moments “wasted” and the potential to make those moments “enriched.”