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Proud to be a Misfit

Gina Sund

Gina Sund, Operations Manager at DiMassimo Goldstein

When people ask what my favorite thing about working at DiMassimo Goldstein is, I always reply with no hesitation, “the people.” The people, along with the quirky and bold work on the website, is what initially drew me to DiGo. And to this day, it is the people that make working here so engaging and enjoyable. Something I find not a lot of professionals can say, no doubt.

When I began at DiGo, the company was a fraction of the size it is today. We could fit the entire staff around the conference room table. Since then, the company has grown rapidly. Naturally, a lot of positive change has come with the explosive growth. But of all the things that have changed, one thing I can always count on staying very consistent is quality of the employees.

I like to think we are a tribe made up of people that dance to their own beat, and wouldn’t have it any other way. We are the misfits. All incredibly different, while sharing the unique traits that allow us to fit the DiGo mold and enjoy every crazy minute of it!

I’m proud that I’ve proven to myself over the years how much I can grow with DiGo. I too have evolved, changed and grown hugely since my first day as a delightfully clueless intern wearing a highly flammable shorts suit. From the FIM to the Operations Manager, I’ve seen up close what goes into an expanding company and sustaining that growing power. I’ve learned so much, and enjoy seeing the Operations team expand and develop as well.

I’m proud to be a misfit, and very fortunate to have chosen the perfect company and tribe to grow with.