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Started From The Bottom…

Chris Erickson

Chris Erickson, Brand Supervisor

I moved to NYC from Minnesota 3 1/2 years ago on a whim. The only thing I was sure of at the time was that I wanted to work in marketing, and what better place to start than Manhattan? My desperate job hunt landed me at some random social media tech startup with two other people in a shared office space. On day one I received a call on my lunch break from DiMassimo Goldstein offering me an internship, and by 6pm on my first day as a full-time employee EVER I had quit my job to take a chance at a real NY ad agency.

The very next morning I was headed to yet another internship, but this one felt different. This was going to be the one that turns me into a real member of society…the type that has health insurance but can’t afford it. Starting out I did all the glorious and wonderful things that interns get to do, like use the company’s Flip Cam (R.I.P.) to record our Art Director and Designers’… matches.

After a couple months of filming and learning some actual Client Service skills I was hired full-time at an agency that declares themselves as a “Growth Agency Network” for their clients. In just 3 years, 7 desk changes, 1 TV show cameo, 214 late-night Seamless orders, mixed with a little bit of good timing, I’ve found myself in a position that would typically take someone at an “ordinary agency” twice as long to attain. That’s when I started to realize that this place is far from ordinary.

I really have to credit my rapid success to the names on the door and the people inside. It’s a testament to their 18-year-old Growth Agency Network and “Brand. Driven. Growth.” motto which doesn’t just pertain to their clients, but to their team that makes it all happen.

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