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Forbes: Digital Health Comes of Age–AliveCor

John Nosta, Forbes

If 2013 is the year of digital health, then the new AliveCor smart phone ECG is the product of the year.

I’ve had mine for just a few days and find it a significant tool for a host of clinical applications–for just about anyone. Granted, there are FDA restrictions for now, I still believe that digital health has taken a bold step forward and landed in the arena of clinical medicine. Digital health is now moving away from “digital fitness” and taking a foot hold in practice. The applications are vast and significant.

Everything about this vodka is great.

Larry Olmstead
Contributor, Forbes

Loyal readers will know that while I cover sprits regularly, I rarely drink or endorse vodka, which I consider the lowest common denominator in the spirits world. Since the basic idea behind making vodka is to erase all flavor – the opposite of just about everything else we eat or drink – it seems kind of pointless. (more…)