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The Comeback Kid

Rick Roberts
Richard Roberts, Business Development Executive at DiMassimo Goldstein

Zero. That was how much experience I had with advertising before walking through the doors of DiMassimo Goldstein back in April 2013. As a matter of fact, it the was first time I saw the inside of an ad agency other than while watching Mad Men, even though I was already a self-proclaimed Don Draper (could also be the hair or love of skinny ties).

I was interviewing for an “Account Executive” position, but hell, I would have interviewed for a position digging ditches for DiGo, if that’s what it took to get into this industry and more so with this company. The reason I was so adamant about getting into advertising is a story for another blog, but long blog short, I got an offer despite my lack of experience. My lack of experience began to show quickly, and the agency was changing just as fast. A few months later it looked like I was going to be walking out of those glass doors (which I think might look better with ‘Roberts’ added to them as well, just saying) for the last time… a short ride that started after a year of incessant emailing to Mark DiMassimo.

During my last week, Mark came to me with a project, “Build me a board, and if it goes well, who knows where this could lead.” Three people to start with would have been good, five would have been great. I built a board of 20 people, was loved by the client, and shortly thereafter was sitting down with my now mentor Lee Goldstein. I sold myself back into the company where I belonged in the first place, New Business. Everyday I come in I feel like I’m sitting down in the cockpit of a fighter jet (my chair swivels too), going Mach 5. The rush, and the glory of a victory – I was born for it. It was a hell of a comeback…and now I better get back to selling.