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The Habitual – Vol. 1 | DiGo – The Positive Behavior Change Agency™

The Habitual by DiGo

Well, hello.

Welcome to The Habitual. It’s nice to see you here. We hope you’ll hang out for a bit, because we have something important to tell you about big changes we’re making at DiMassimo Goldstein (DiGo).

After more than 25 years of doing well, we came together as a team and decided to do only good. We agreed to be guided by a single mission—to help form better habits that change lives for the better.

You see, people don’t always do what they know they should do. Much of marketing makes it worse. We’re not afraid to admit that, in the past, we too have contributed to that noise. Too often we have worked on things we did not believe in. But not anymore.

From now on we have decided to work exclusively on promoting better habits by building brands and businesses using Positive Behavior Change marketing.

If we can help anyone eat betterbreathe easierlive longersleep smarterlearn fasterlove deeperfeel mentally healthieremotionally stronger, or financially more well, then we believe the investment in creating those stories will have been worth it.

Welcome to the new DiGo – The Positive Behavior Change Agency™️.

We are a community of people working around the globe with diverse talents all committed to being agents of Positive Behavior Change. We work with brands that help people make better choices and form better habits. When they succeed, better things happen for us all—individuals, organizations, and the world we all share. Helping everyone reach their potential is how we intend to reach ours.

We take this stance seriously, which is why we’ve decided to relaunch our brand, starting with The Habitual by DiGo.

The Habitual is a new publication from DiGo – The Positive Behavior Change Agency™ dedicated to helping people, businesses, and brands form better habits. Why? Because habits are the result of committed, consistent, and continuous Positive Behavior Change. There has never been a more important time for a positive statement. This is ours.

If you share our view or want to join our cause, we’ll help you find the right Positive Behavior Change for you. If you want to work for us, let Felicia know. If you want us to work for you, reach out to Lee. And if you want to learn more about Positive Behavior Change marketing, Mark is ready to chat. Finally, we’d love it if you helped share our first publication, but no pressure.

Oh, and that platypus? More on him later. 

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DiMassimo Goldstein (DiGo) is the world’s first creative agency focused exclusively on promoting better habits by building brands and businesses using Positive Behavior Change marketing. Over the years, we’ve lent our expertise to life-changing brands, including BetterHelp, Shutterstock, Wondrium, Partnership to End Addiction, WW (formerly Weight Watchers), SodaStream, Samsung, Echelon, Pfizer, and CVS Health, among many others across various industries. Headquartered in New York City, DiGo has teams across the globe and is committed to creating an enriching environment of diversity, equality, inclusion, and creativity. For more information, visit