This is the note I got to write to our team members. | DiMassimo Goldstein

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This is the note I got to write to our team members.

The Best Small Agency In The North East, According to AdAge. You.

Yup, that’s right. Sarah just reported from The AdAge Small Agency Awards in Austin that DiMassimo Goldstein has taken the GOLD for the North East region.

Take a look at a map or globe — that’s a pretty large parcel of real estate!!

This one is really about all of us. All of us together. And the clients too, sincerely. And the great leaders we have built and earned. But mostly the leadership that flows in every direction at our place, up and sideways, and ping pong-like too.

This really is about courage, love, and understanding.

And it really is a story of a leap to greatness.

Not that you should think I’m suggesting we’re there yet, though I don’t question AdAge’s judgement. For myself, I think we’re in mid-leap and we still need all of those values — every bit of them that we can muster — to get where we’re going.

But, we’ll take this encouragement. We’ll celebrate. And we’ll use it too!

I’m proud of you.