Two DIGO Spots Make List of 10 Best Trading Commercials. | DiMassimo Goldstein

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Two DIGO Spots Make List of 10 Best Trading Commercials.

Spots for Tradestation and made Futures Magazine’s list of the very best of television advertising targeting traders and brokerage customers. Being included on a list along with such huge-budget classics as The E-Trade Baby and other eight-figure advertisers is a proud achievement that we’re delighted to be able to share with these extraordinary clients.

Marketing to traders is a wonderful microcosm of marketing and advertising, where psychology meets economic decision-making at superhighway speeds. We loved working with the team at to build the brand and business, and we’re loving every minute of working with the truly extraordinary people at Tradestation on building the strongest and most substantive brand in trading.

Here’s what Future’s Magazine has to say…

Over the last couple decades, trading has gone from a select few traders in Chicago and New York to being accessible to nearly everyone. With accessibility comes advertising. To get noticed by the general public, brokers’ marketing departments are finding more and more creative ways of catching the public’s eye. Read the full article here.
When it comes to technology, flash and pizazz are not everything. TradeStation makes a nice contrast here explaining what it actually offers customers. By focusing on what actually is important (execution), it highlights just how ridiculous some marketing claims actually are.

This woman knows exactly what she wants, and not just from her trading brokerage. Of course, knowing who can give you what you’re looking for is the real challenge. Watch this one all the way through and you’ll understand what we’re talking about.