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Inspiring Action Brand Of The Week: Casper

Buying a mattress can be a disastrous struggle.

You trek to your local Sleepy’s. You bounce around from bed to bed, testing each out, all under the very ambitious belief that the 3-5 minutes you spend lying down will provide an accurate depiction of what a year’s worth of sleep will be like. Based off of that assumption, you proceed to spend roughly $1,000 on a mattress that you will inevitably have to haul up three flights of stairs, and somehow, some way, manage to fit through your tiny apartment door.


“Maneuver to the left!”

That doesn’t work.

“Tilt it to the right!”

Nope, that doesn’t work either. Eventually, with sore arms and an aching back, you get your overpriced mattress settled in its new home in your bedroom. But your precious Saturday afternoon? That has come and gone.

Enter Casper. An online, direct-economy mattress company that’s waking up a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Adopting the online retail model made famous by eyewear company Warby Parker, Casper is bypassing the middleman and delivering mattresses straight to your bedroom. The mattress, designed with cutting-edge technology, can be folded to fit inside of a box, providing Casper with a delivery capability unrivaled by competitors. Why is that significant? Well, by eliminating the 3rd-party supply cost, Casper can sell their mattress for a much cheaper price, increasing its value and putting smiles on customers’ faces.


For Casper, it was simple. Find out what your consumers are struggling with and provide a solution. By tackling the customer experience issue that has forever been associated with mattress shopping, Casper isolated itself from industry competitors who are still using outdated tactics. Casper put the customer first, and the customers have responded.

With a $55M investment this past June, Casper solidified itself as a pioneer of the direct-model revolution.

Retail giants like Sleepy’s cannot afford to sleep on Casper any longer.

For more on Casper, read our Inspiring Action Case Study HERE.

from: Shontell, Alyson. “There’s A ‘Warby Parker Of Mattresses’ That’s Shipping Fluffy, King-Size Beds In Boxes As Small As Golf Bags.” Business Insider. Business Insider, Inc, 22 Apr. 2014. Web. 20 Nov. 2015.


Think Outside In

Key #5 of 10 to Inspiring Action: 10 Keys to the Future of Marketing. Download our summary poster of the 10 Keys here.

Imagine you’re marketing a limo service and you get Uber’d.

Or you’re trying to put travelers in hotel beds and you get Airbnb’d. You run a car dealership and you get Tesla’d. You’re a travel agent, a financial advisor, sell insurance, or – heaven forfend – you publish the yellow pages!…

I know real people in these situations, and I can tell you this about every one of them:

They never saw it coming!

But Nike saw it coming. Starting with their own brand story, they got ahead of change. Nike didn’t see themselves as an athletic shoe company – they saw themselves as a company that inspires athletes. While other athletic wear companies may have seen the coming age of wearable computing as irrelevant, Nike saw it as an opportunity to inspire. In creating Nike Plus, they got ahead of the curve and developed a way to get to know their customers like never before.

You don’t have to BE a new economy business to WIN in the new economy. You just need an inspiring idea that guides you, and you need to be able to connect that idea to better experiences for your customers. American Express (founded 1850) has done it, reinventing the core of their customer relationships many times over. JetBlue (founded 1998) has done it. Apple (founded 1976) is most certainly doing it.

We call these companies Inspiring Action brands. They share a common point of view. They see things with their customers’ eyes. They know what the people they serve aspire to be and do. They know what their devotees love about themselves with them. They’ve mapped the customer journey and have found ways to intercept and change behavior.

You are what they do.

Your audience is just people trying to inspire action in themselves. If your service works better, you win.

Think Outside In. It’s really that simple and that challenging. Understand your inspiring idea from your customer’s point of view. Map the journey and work out effective ways to change behavior and create new habits.


20 People Who Will Never Forget the DiMassimo Goldstein 18th Birthday Party

At DiMassimo Goldstein, we believe in Inspiring Action. An Inspiring Action brand does things that get people to do things that change their lives. So, when it came time to plan our agency’s 18th birthday, we didn’t just want to have a party. We wanted to inspire some action. This was our chance to change some lives with our own brand.

So, obviously, we offered everyone who came to the party free tattoos. (Yes, the permanent kind.)

I know what you’re thinking: that’s stupid. And that was sort of the point. We were 18. It was time to do something stupid. And sometimes the most inspiring action for a brand is the one that makes everyone say, “We can’t do that.” So we called a tattoo artist and asked him if he could give people tattoos in our offices during our party.

To our utter astonishment, he agreed.

“It’s the perfect metaphor for Inspiring Action!” we said. “It will help us demonstrate that Inspiring Action brands leave a mark on their customers!” we said. “Nobody will do it!” we said.

But here’s the crazy part: people actually did it. In fact, 20 people got permanent tattoos. At our party. In my office. Lips. Peace signs. Soaring eagles. 50% of the people getting tattoos had never had a tattoo before. We had made our mark on 20 people’s lives (and one person’s butt) forever.

We put together a little video to mark the year anniversary of our little experiment. And to thank everyone who was inspired to take action with us. We couldn’t have done it without you. You will always be part of our Inspiring Action family.

This year, to mark our 19th birthday, we’re going on a cruise around Manhattan. Not as stupid, but maybe more appropriate for the grown-up agency with ambition we are becoming. Sailing out into the future to Inspire Action on new shores.

But now that you mention it, sailors are known to have tattoos. Maybe I should make a call…