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What Happened to My DiGo? (What you want to know about our new logo and identity)



When we first launched this agency nearly two decades ago, we briefly had more time than clients, so we focused on building our own brand — and the world responded!

Since then, we’ve never lacked for exciting opportunities to do what we do for inspiring clients.

Naturally, our own brand became a bit like the Cobbler’s Children. You know that story right? The shoemaker so busy that his children went shoeless. That’s the way it’s told, usually. Truth was probably a bit different. The Cobbler’s Children never really went without shoes. It’s just that sometimes the shoes were quite old and worn down. Other times, the Cobbler tested out his most eccentric designs on his own children, saving the tried and true for his customers.

In my version of the story, the Cobbler prospers due to his focus on his clients and his intense commitment to his craft, and finally turns his attention and skill to making extraordinary pairs of shoes for each of his children.

So, check out our new shoes, in the form of a new identity to support our inspiring action mission.

Building brands and businesses through inspiring action teaches us something new every day. Most of all, we have learned the power of an inspiring action to spark something that grows and grows.

Thus, the match. From now on, when you see our logo, it will be ready to be grasped and struck. Ready to touch off a blaze.