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Why DiGo is the first agency network to accept BitCoin.

photo by Antana

Introduced in January 2009, Bitcoin is the world’s first “crypto-currency,” a completely digital form of money that can be used as an easy method of instant payment or else exchanged for other currencies.

Because DiMassimo Goldstein has a tradition of quickly identifying and inserting itself ingeniously into burgeoning trends in business and culture before any other agency, we’re proud to announce that, as of today, we are the first ad agency network to accept BitCoin from our clients.

Founded as a hybrid digital and traditional agency in 1996, DiGo quickly became the growth partner for several early iconic Internet businesses in the first dot-com boom. We recognized upcoming consumer backlash against the waste created by the bottled water industry when we successfully launched the Tappening movement, and the yearn of our society to tune out the high volume of digital noise with its Offlining movement. Both efforts were far ahead of their time and are now emulated and included in major advertising campaigns today.

For decades, the entrepreneurial culture at DiGo has navigated the blue oceans of innovative, fast-growth markets. Not only have we succeeded, but we’ve built a reputation for picking the right people, technologies and industries. We’ve seen, and seen through, many markets and a great deal of hype and meet it with a combination of curiosity, and pragmatic business sense. We’ve had extensive experience working with and launching campaigns for new and currently leading payment systems including airline miles, credit cards, payment processing systems such as MasterCard and innovative, non-traditional platforms such as Revolution Money, now owned by American Express.

Early experiments are essential to our intimate understanding of new media and business models. Accepting BitCoin as a leading growth agency network continues that trend. Therefore, we will begin accepting payments in BitCoin from any clients who prefer this new transaction system.