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Why we call it Client Fulfillment.

Account management with a mission.

Account management is the heart of the agency. Here’s why:

Let’s start with the word “agency.” The definition I like is from Webster’s: an agency is a person or thing through which power is exerted or an end is achieved.

It is fashionable today to run away from “agency” and to denigrate it’s meaning. For ourselves, we completely reject every departure from a pure agency model. We are here to be used by others to exert power to achieve worthy ends. We reject any proposal that might detract from our operating as a pure agent. We won’t create a conflict of interest, for example by trying to own intellectual property in our creations for our client. We don’t want to get confused.

So, our mission is singular: client fulfillment. We see the client as someone on a mission. The client needs to achieve certain things. It’s a heroic journey. And we are there to do our all to help create the utmost success. When we play our role well, the client is fulfilled. Fulfilled clients hire the agency again and again. A pure relationship is one of growing respect, trust and, quite often, love.

In client fulfillment, you become essential to your client’s success, growth and fulfillment. Not just in advertising, but in life.

Focusing on small things like schedules and big things like the insight that revives a brand are parts of that. Delivering a more efficient media plan or more impactful creative are simply ways of delivering on the promise.

This pure focus on service might sound self-denigrating. It’s the opposite. By honoring the role we play and by playing it a full force, we demonstrate the power of an agency every day.

It’s about the client experience. We want the client to know exactly what we’re here for. This purity of intention and business model gives us more latitude to choose our clients. It lets us choose people, brands and causes we are proud to serve wholeheartedly.

In the end, focusing on client fulfillment is the key to our own fulfillment. By devoting ourselves fully to the client’s missions, we get asked along for the best rides.

If you’re interested in client fulfillment, drop me a line at mark@digobrands.com