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When I first moved to the city, I was finishing ad school. And when you’re living on a student’s budget in New York City, you learn how to find the best deals in town. Especially when they involve food. Even though I’ve now joined the world of employment, finding ways to save money is still a pretty great deal.

So when DiMassimo Goldstein started a lunch program, where you get thirty dollars to spend on a lunch with a co-worker to get to know them better, I was definitely inspired!


But before I actually asked people out, I had to build a campaign to market a buddy lunch with the only Mexican in the agency. Thankfully our CCO, Tom Christmann and our CD, Kevin Karp, gave me the tools I needed when they posted about the rewards of taking them out for lunch. Taking inspiration from some political speeches, I retooled them to work as my voting campaign. And boy did it work…

Since the program started, I have been to 19 lunches so far. Getting to know the creative team, the account team, the production team, and as of today, the media team. (Watch out leadership team! You’re next!) I have had fun experiences and stories to tell everybody.

So what do I know now?

I know about the people who do kosher, the ones who do pasta, who hate bananas and I even took out the Shake Shack virginity of one. Oh yeah, I also know Erica now and also that there’s a good Renfroe too. I know their names and what they do for the company, but most importantly, I know them well enough to say hi every day and to ask for help if I ever need it. I believe that’s what you’d call integration.

Also, I finally realized why politicians never make good on their promises. I promised to take everybody to the best Mexican places near the office, but nobody ever asked for Mexican so I just didn’t do it. But if any of my next lunch buddies want to go Mexican, well… you can’t go wrong with me!

-Antonio Fragoso, Copywriter/Socks Specialist