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Category : DiGo Culture

Take Social Notes

If you’re normal, you think that because you’re noting everything important that’s said and agreed in a meeting that you’re taking notes in the most effective way. But the normal way of doing it is a drag. It misses one of the greatest kicks that note-taking can give a team. (more…)

Friday Reads – 10/6/2011

A weekly post on some of our favorites from around the Web.

This week’s topic: Steve Jobs

We wouldn’t be us if there were no Steve Jobs. The machines, the experiences, the example… more than anybody, Steve demonstrated what we value, sell and strive to create. The product is 360 degree sensurround inspiration. Every day is an art project (more…)

DIGO Hearts The Middle Market

The Middle Market. We love it. Agencies seem to all dream the same dream. Do some great work for smaller clients and then win a bigger client, and perhaps another until you are huge enough to sell out, if you haven’t already. Just another scheme for using (more…)