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Category : Agency News

DiGo (DiMassimo Goldstein) Continues Winning Streak, Named Agency of Record by Go City®

Go City® Joins List of 19 Companies Choosing The Positive Behavior Change Agency™ for its Creative and Communications Strategies that Actively Change Lives for the Better

NEW YORK, July 19, 2022 – Today, DiGo (DiMassimo Goldstein), The Positive Behavior Change Agency™, has been named as the agency of record for Go City®, the leader in attraction passes. Beyond building both brand and category awareness among travelers, Go City® chose DiGo to lead creative and communications channels with its Positive Behavior Change offering, changing the behaviors that change lives for the better.

With an estimated 65% market share in the global multi-attraction pass business, and operating in 25+ cities on five continents, Go City® allows travelers to access the best of a city all from one simple app. Go City® will be looking to DiGo for driving awareness and excitement amongst all travelers around its category-leading services. Go City® joins a list of 19 companies to choose DiGo during the pandemic, including Echelon Fitness, PenFed Federal Credit Union, Partnership to End Addiction, Triad Behavioral Health, Samsung, The Great Courses, Spear Physical Therapy, White Plains Hospital, Huntington Learning Center,, BetterHelp, Boar’s Head, Urolift, Lifeplus, SynergyLabs, Edelman Financial Engines, Apolloware, and a company soon to be announced that specializes in workplace education. 

“With the long-awaited return to travel upon us, we are thrilled to be working alongside DiGo to inspire travelers to get back out there and get the most out of every trip,” said Deborah Jourdan, Senior Vice President, Brand for Go City®. “We are looking forward to collaborating with DiGo over the next year. We know they will push us creatively as we look to amplify our brand during this critical time in the industry.” 

Through its work with Go City®, DiGo seeks to elevate consumer awareness of the brand as a leader in the travel and tourism space, and an expert on what to do in the world’s greatest cities. DiGo will bring Go City®’s distinctive brand to new heights, and help strengthen Go City®’s existing customer relationships. This partnership seeks to not just further Go City®’s current success as the category leader, but also capitalize on the reemergence of the travel industry. DiGo will guarantee that sightseers seek out Go City®’s full range of attraction options, on-the-ground flexibility, and overall value, adding a new level of enjoyment to every journey they take. 

“The travel industry is at a crossroads. Travel itself is a proven path to Positive Behavior Change. Today’s traveler seeks not just experiences but transformations. Today’s traveler says, ‘Make it better. Make me better. Make us better.’ Go City® is well-poised for rapid growth driven by delivering on all three. Travelers who try Go City® develop a deep bond with the brand and become passionate users. Through our work with Go City®, DiGo aims to connect this ground-breaking company directly to travelers all over the country and beyond. We couldn’t be more excited to be working on this campaign and see the remarkable change that will stem from it.” Said Mark DiMassimo, Founder and Creative Chief of DiGo. 

DiGo is actively working with the Go City® team and anticipates an initial launch of the new campaign later this year.


DiMassimo Goldstein (DiGo) is the world’s first creative agency focused exclusively on promoting better habits by building brands and businesses using Positive Behavior Change marketing. Over the years, DiGo has helped to build life-changing brands and businesses, including BetterHelp, Shutterstock, Wondrium, Partnership to End Addiction, WW (formerly Weight Watchers), SodaStream, Samsung, Echelon, Pfizer, Urolift, Lifeplus, SynergyLabs, Edelman Financial Engines, Apolloware, and CVS Health among many others across various industries. Headquartered in New York City, DiGo has teams across the globe and is committed to creating an enriching environment of diversity, equality, inclusion, and creativity. For more information, visit

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Molly Meller 


Bringing Weight Watchers Back From “The Brink of Irrelevance”

From AdAge:

“When ANA President Bob Liodice introduced Weight Watchers head of marketing today, he didn’t hold back when describing just how poorly Weight Watchers was doing in early 2015 – it was “at the brink of irrelevance.” Quite an introduction for Maurice Herrera.

In fact, January 2015 was one of the company’s worst January periods ever in terms of signups, says Herrera, who had joined the company just three months earlier. Timing was crucial, because the first quarter accounts for more than 40% of the company’s business, he notes. People were looking for other ways to lose weight, including wearable fitness trackers and Paleo dieting, resulting in Weight Watchers subscriptions dropping 25 percent year-over-year that quarter, Herrera recalled. Its stock skidded from $25 to $7 per share, he said, and fell even further that summer. Herrera had to lay off about 25 percent of his team of 30 or so people.

Herrera and his slimmed-down team, with agency DiMassimo Goldstein, came up with a more consumer-centric approach. “Since everyone believes that they have a unique challenge, it’s critical for them to look at Weight Watchers and see a bit of themselves in the brand,” Herrera says. “We needed to create a brand identity that felt accessible and relatable as well as aspirational.””

To read the rest of AdAge’s live blog, click HERE.

Last week, Maurice Herrera, the Head of Marketing for our inspiring action client, Weight Watchers, had the honor of speaking at the 2017 ANA “Masters of Marketing” event down in Orlando, Florida.

The event, which boasted over 2,500 attendees, is one of the biggest and best gatherings for senior marketers in the country.

Herrera was invited to speak about the transformative journey that Weight Watchers has enjoyed these past two years.  Together, with Herrera and his team, we’ve taken one of the country’s most historic brands and brought them back into the national spotlight, leading to seven consecutive seasons of brand growth. We couldn’t be prouder to be their agency.

Now that’s #inspiringaction.