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DIGO Brands FreshDirect in Four New Radio Spots.

The process of grocery shopping still leaves, for most of us, a lot to be desired. Online grocery delivery makes the shopping part painless, but the first question people ask when faced with that proposition is “But will I get the same quality?”

With FreshDirect, they’ll actually get better quality than what they would get at the store. So we had a quality story to tell, but needed to reinforce convenience at the same time. And of course we needed a campaign that could tell that story in outdoor, print, digital, and – for launching new markets, especially – radio.

The big idea is bold and simple: Grocery Shopping Perfected. Because FreshDirect delivers the quality you want for your family, and the convenience you need for yourself. We brought that idea to life through tongue-in-cheek, idyllic vignettes as a way to talk about both quality and convenience, and to connect with busy parents by poking a little fun at the modern myth of the perfect parent who magically has the time and energy to do it all, and do it perfectly.

These spots will be hitting the airwaves this week.