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DIGO Thought Leadership

Jeff Pundyk

Digital Thought Leadership. Content Marketing. Branded Content. Call it what you will. The evolution of digital media — particularly the rise of social networks — has created the opportunity for brands to build relevance and trust with their customers by participating, convening, aggregating, syndicating and publishing across multiple channels in a thoughtful way.

By offering content with real value, utility and a credible editorial position focused on topics of affinity to your customers and prospects, you can:

  • Lay claim to your areas of expertise
  • Sharpen and validate your point of view
  • Collaborate with other experts and customers
  • Get market feedback
  • Deepen your connection to existing clients
  • Broaden your reach
  • Be relevant

Jeff Pundyk, one of the earliest publishers to make the transition from print to digital, leads DIGO’s content and digital strategy team. Jeff was publisher of the McKinsey Quarterly, McKinsey & Co.’s online and print publication on business management, from 2000 to 2010. Our team stands ready to help you put what you know to work to connect with clients, prospects, and recruits in a richer, more sustainable way.