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Forbes: Digital Health Comes of Age–AliveCor

John Nosta, Forbes

If 2013 is the year of digital health, then the new AliveCor smart phone ECG is the product of the year.

I’ve had mine for just a few days and find it a significant tool for a host of clinical applications–for just about anyone. Granted, there are FDA restrictions for now, I still believe that digital health has taken a bold step forward and landed in the arena of clinical medicine. Digital health is now moving away from “digital fitness” and taking a foot hold in practice. The applications are vast and significant.

DIGO Brands AliveCor on Medgadget.

Gene Ostrovsky, Medagadget

AliveCor has announced at the American College of Cardiology annual meeting in San Francisco that its iPhone based ECG heart monitor is now available by prescription. Essentially the same device has been given approval for veterinary use on dogs, cats, and horses, and finally now humans can place their front paws on the electrodes for immediate ECG readouts. These can be sent to a physician, printed out and stored for further reference.

AliveCor Airplane Rescue.

For the second time, Dr. Eric Topol used the AliveCor heart monitor on an airplane to assist a passenger in distress. This time, the passenger was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, and was able to be stabilized until the flight landed as scheduled. The first time, Dr. Topol advised the pilot to make an emergency landing for a passenger who was diagnosed with an imminent heart attack.

DIGO Brands AliveCor in The Wall Street Journal.

When you represent real news, the hard part is keeping up. Everyone is writing about The AliveCor Mobile Heart Monitor, because the recently FDA-approved mobile health marvel represents a revolution in healthcare. DIGO is the brand and business building partner for AliveCor, doing everything from branding and design, to marketing strategy, advertising to professionals and the public, public relations and social, while Proove does the media and optimizations. (more…)

DIGO Brands AliveCor In Gizmodo.

Our client AliveCor recently received FDA approval and a medical grade mobile ECG device, revolutionizing the mHealth industry. The device snaps on the your iPhone 4/4S, and with the quick download of a free app and setting up a free account, medical professionals can now take ECGs anywhere, anytime.