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DIGO Brands Your Green Actions

Fresh in-market work from DIGO for brilliant client Recyclebank, the leading rewards program for your recycling and all your green actions. We’re so proud of this work and the impact it can have on families, communities and the environment we all share. We also think it’s a beautiful, elegant solution and we like looking at it! But… before you do, will you do something that will make you feel good? Go to Recyclebank.com and sign up to be rewarded for your green actions. It’s Free. There is absolutely no cost or obligation. No cost to you, ever. And, you get stuff… just for being good to your environment. You recycled. You carpooled. You rode your bike. Just report it on the site and Recyclebank rewards it. It’s “the first rewards program approved by planet earth!”


Growth Key: Brand A Category/Incite A Local Response

Initially tapped to launch and test local response marketing campaigns for Recyclebank, DIGO soon recognized that a brand positioning obstacle stood in the way of growth. A series of insights quickly surfaced a huge opportunity. There is a “rewards program” category. Consumers understand this. Recyclebank can own a positioning as the rewards program for green actions. We translated this positioning into the campaign theme “The Only Rewards Program Endorsed By Planet Earth.”

We answer the first question of every communication, “Says who?” This statement packs a lot of messaging into a tight space and frees up the advertising to promote local registration. We tested a multi-channel plan in matched markets, augmented with guerilla tactics and a robust, continuously optimized, geo-targeted digital campaign. Recyclebank is off and running with powerful buzz, positive press, and rising registrations in the target communities.