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Proove Accountable Media, The Way Media Should Be.

Media Agencies are operating in an old school fashion, marking up inventory, not being transparent, moving at a snails pace and not investing in the best talent. I felt there was an opportunity for an agency to be fully transparent, ethical, and to act as a true agent for the client. Built from the ground up, Proove is positioned as a challenger to the old school model and is set up to drive success for our clients in todays world.

What do our clients get from an honest agency?

No previous prearranged media, partner or data commitments…a realtime log of the daily optimizations made & a non-biased media recommendation that clearly maps back to what you need to accomplish in market. You will actually know where your media is running.

What does that mean?


Proove Accountable Media, the way media should be.

Read the full Business Insider article here.



Instinet is the go-to ECN for institutional brokers because of their intense focus on optimizing their technology – to the exclusion of doing a lot of other things that most companies would consider normal.

Saint Luke’s Health System

For the staff at Saint Luke’s, providing excellent care is more than a professional obligation – it’s a calling. To show what that means to people on a personal level, we brought some real patient stories to life.


Harold Camping predicted that the Rapture would occur in May 2011. And again in October 2011. And most recently in December 2012. So to help New Yorkers prepare, we created the NYC Rapture Readiness Committee.


It would be great if everyone had time to carefully select their own food right at the source. But since no one does, there’s FreshDirect. That’s the premise behind the “Grocery Shopping Perfected” campaign, which positions FreshDirect as the most convenient way to get premium quality groceries.

FreshDirect Direct Mail