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Hedge Funds may soon be able to market.

With the stage now set to reduce the restrictions on how privately traded securities can be marketed, there’s a very real concern that unsophisticated investors can be mislead by advertising for risky or even fraudulent investments.

Concerned opponents of the change conjure up images of billboards, TV ads and telemarketing calls touting high-risk investment opportunities to the unsuspecting masses. Yes, dishonest and unethical marketing happens, and sometimes it even works. Neither is unique to financial services. (more…)

WSJ: DIGO Brands Hedge Funds


“Invest in hedge funds: because you are worth it.”

“Alternative investments are it.”

“It’s not your father’s hedge fund.”

Those are just a few hypothetical slogans that could appear on a billboard near you as a result of a planned relaxation of a ban on hedge-fund advertising. (more…)