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The A-List Podcast: Episode 002 with Ty Montague

“I will bet on passion over genius every time.”

In this very special episode of “The A-List”, host Tom Christmann chats with  Ty Montague, the founder of co:collective, a growth and innovation accelerator that helps clients develop their business strategy and execute their brand story using the principles of Storydoing™. Over the course of 45 minutes, Tom and Ty relive their experience together at J. Walter Thompson, obsess over creative troublemakers, and ask the questions that really matter in life, like whether or not we are living in a computer simulation. Full episode and show notes below!

Show Notes

  • [0:00 – 1:28] Intro
  • [1:29 – 7:43] Ty’s background and the unique story of how he got into the industry
  • [7:44 – 9:40] The importance of networking, passion, and motivation
  • [9:41 – 13:50] Tom and Ty talk big agencies and their experience at JWT
  • [13:51 – 17:22] Turning ideas into something real and working with others
  • [17:23 – 21:30] Creative troublemakers and breaking barriers
  • [21:31 – 26:30] How co:collective is different than an advertising agency
  • [26:31 – 29:45] Millennials, creative opportunities, and making an impact in the world
  • [29:46 – 32:30] The traditional agency model vs. internal creative teams
  • [32:31 – 36:09] Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and innovation
  • [36:23 – 42:50] The life and work of Howard Gossage and other recommended books for students
  • [42:53 – 44:15] Are we living in a computer simulation?
  • [44:30 – 45:10] Outro

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Mark DiMassimo Joins the Info Junkie Podcast

Recorded in front of a live studio audience at the beautiful Time Square office of LDI Color Toolbox, longtime friends Mark DiMassimo and IT guru Thomas Clancy Jr. of Valiant Technology took the stage for what turned out to be a very special episode of the Info Junkie meets the Inspiring Action Podcast.

In this hour long episode, DiMassimo and Clancy explore the world of podcasting, field questions from a live crowd, impersonate Rush Limbaugh, discuss different ways to successfully motivate people and much much more.

Tune in to the full episode below!


Tom Christmann Joins The Don’t Get Me Started Podcast

Agency Partner and Chief Creative Officer Tom Christmann has been a busy man as of late. Aside from spearheading our awesome creative department, he’s been recording podcasts – and great ones at that.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.16.39 PM

This time it’s the Don’t Get Me Started Podcast, hosted by Dan Balser, the advertising head at the Creative Circus in Atlanta. For a little over fifty minutes, Tom takes us through a timeline of his career, recounting pivotal moments and events that have altered his philosophy and the processes behind how he works. Other topics Tom and Dan discuss are subcultures and how they align with the advertising industry; the advantages of game theory; the importance of a work-life balance; how to review a portfolio; the Mad Men Bowling league; and the challenges facing the industry today.

This podcast has been years in the making, but the conversation was well worth the wait. Listen to the the full episode below.


And, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Tom’s last podcast appearance HERE.


Inspiring Action Podcast With Ben Rothfeld

The final episode of Season 1 features a very special guest with a unique story. Ben Rothfeld is the founder of Plannerben Anecdata, a planning consultancy that helps marketers and their agencies cut big data down to size.

Rothfeld and Host Mark DiMassimo have a long and storied history. The partnership started over two decades ago when they first began working together as colleagues for Kirshenbaum & Bond. When DiMassimo decided to leave K&B to launch his own agency, Rothfeld agreed to leave his post at a San Francisco brand consultancy to become the very first employee at DiMassimo Inc. Cooped up in Rothfeld’s parent’s Greenwich Village co-op apartment, their journey began. After a few start-up years, Rothfeld went on to a storied strategy, analytics and data career, including a long stint as Axciom’s Global Marketing Strategy Director and Bloomberg LP’s Global Content Strategy Lead.

Now, after 20 years of inspiring action, Rothfeld joins DiMassimo on his “Inspiring Action Podcast” to cover a variety of topics such as: Analytical Investigation, Google cars, the future implications of the internet and much much more!


Inspiring Action Podcast With Alec Brownstein


The Creative Director of the Dollar Shave Club is also the guy who made himself famous with a Google Experiment that got him a copywriter job in a top agency (budget $6). His name is Alec Brownstein, and he’s also the co-author of two best-selling comedy books, an award-winning copywriter, a film director and, yes, currently the creative director at the Dollar Shave Club. Spearheading one of the world’s fastest-growing and innovative companies, he’s quickly established himself as one of best outside-the-box thinkers in the industry.

Brownstein is also the mastermind behind the above mentioned “Google Experimentan inspiring example of how creative problem solving and persistence can put you in a position to succeed. The experiment gained him some overnight fame, but more importantly, it landed him a job. Listen in as Brownstein tells host Mark DiMassimo about how an unemployed International Relations graduate with zero marketing experience was able to catch the eyes of some of the industry’s most highly touted executives.

And, if you’re into laughing, you may want to order his books HERE and HERE. These books fit perfectly on a coffee table or even a bathroom, right next to your razor which you probably got from signing up to the Dollar Shave Club HERE.


Inspiring Action Podcast With Sir John Hargrave

Sir John Hargrave is an inspiring innovator, published author, agency owner and the current CEO of Media Shower, a premiere content marketing company that has written editorials for The New York Times, Business Week and MSNBC among many other publications. His upcoming book “Mind Hacking: How To Change Your Mind for Good in 21 Days” is an inside look at the life hacking techniques that Hargrave has developed to turn his life in a more positive direction.

A self-proclaimed computer geek, Hargrave has a comical yet refreshing take on how to tackle life’s obstacles. Listen in as Sir John tells host Mark DiMassimo all about the best practices to “reprogram” and “debug” your brain so that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. And, since we know you’re going to feel inspired enough to want to read his book, we’ll just leave the free download link for you right HERE!


Inspiring Action Podcast With Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor is a keynote speaker, leadership trainer and organizational consultant who uses his 35 years of experience as an accomplished CEO to run think tanks in Manhattan. Under his mentorship, hundreds of different organizations and executives have flourished.

In this episode of the “Inspiring Action Podcast”, Taylor talks about how his past experiences in the corporate world led him to an epiphany that ultimately transformed his outlook on growth and success. Shifting his focus towards the importance of a strong working environment and culture, Taylor’s career took an enlightened turn that will leave you feeling inspired


Inspiring Action Podcast With Paul Butler

Even if you’re not in love with your planet or passionate about conservation and even if you’re annoyed by organizations that change the world for the better, this edition of the “Inspiring Action Podcast” is for you. Paul Butler is the senior vice president of global programs for Rare, an innovative not-for-profit organization committed to inspiring change so that people and nature can thrive.

Over the course of forty-five riveting minutes, Butler tells host Mark DiMassimo how his lifetime passion became his profession when a 6-month voyage to St. Lucia evolved into a 12-year mission. That mission – to save a species – led to an adventure you’ve just got to hear!