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A Look Back on Super Bowl LI

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Our Chief Mark DiMassimo has been a very busy man these past couple of weeks, speaking with different journalists and providing commentary on this year’s big game. If you’ve missed any of articles, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a look back on the biggest week in advertising!

  • Mark talked stunts and events with Mae Anderson of the Associated Press. Her article can be read here.
  • Mark chatted with Bertin Pellegrin of B on Brand to discuss the role of politics in this year’s commercials.
  • Read what Mark had to say about that buzz worthy Budweiser spot in this article for Quartz. 



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Thanks to all who followed along during the game!


Dogs, Babies, Horses, Goats, Funny Old People, Skin, Stars, Romance, Humor, Patriotism.

Dogs, Babies, Horses, Goats, Funny Old People, Skin, Stars, Romance, Humor, Patriotism.

Judging from this year’s Super Bowl spots, the surface of advertising doesn’t change much. The old saw about Dogs and Babies still applies. When Doritos brings in crowd sourcing, it works best when there are men in dresses or greedy goats. When Coke tries to go social audience participation, it falls flat due to the lack or poor use of any of the above.

Mark DiMassimo’s Super Bowl Recap.

This was a war-time economy sort of Super Bowl. Unabashedly patriotic.

Or perhaps this was a post-war sort of Super Bowl. Optimistic. Resurgent.

Maybe it was a bit of both.

We saw the American car companies come back and identify themselves with other severely tested and ultimately triumphant swaths of American culture and myth. Chrysler went the furthest here, with a partnership with the USO and Oprah, and a highly emotional tribute to military heroes (the troops) that attacked the heart strings full force and gave no quarter. Trumping even that was Dodge RAM’s ode to the spirit of the American Farmer, with a resurrected Paul Harvey VO, reading the extraordinary classic piece of Americana, “For God Made A Farmer.” Oprah may be a Goddess, but she is merely an aspiring voiceover actor next to Paul Harvey.