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The A-List Podcast with Ari Weiss

Photo from Campaign

The latest episode of The A-List Podcast features Ari Weiss, the first-ever North American Chief Creative Officer at DDB, where he oversees the agency’s 17 North American Offices.

Weiss’ reputation as an illustrious creative has been built working for many of the world’s most creative agencies, including 180 L.A., Wieden & Kennedy, BBDO, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Cliff Freeman & Partners, and Saatchi, among others. Throughout that journey, he has collaborated with many of the industry’s most legendary icons, and he shares many of those experiences in this inspiring interview.

In his discussion with host and DiMassimo Goldstein CCO Tom Christmann, Weiss talks about why DiMassimo Goldstein was the “best first job you could ever get” and reflects on many of the magical moments, campaigns, and mentors that inspired his career. He shares useful tips about the creative process, offers his unique point of view on the shifting landscape of the industry, and explains why he feels it’s the most interesting time to be in the business.

Hear it all and so much more in the episode below!

Show Notes:

  • [0:00 – 1:28] Intro
  • [1:29 – 9:09] Growing up in California, his early aspirations of becoming a photo journalist, and the connection that landed him an interview with Jeff Goodby
  • [9:10 – 16:05] Weiss talks about his early infatuation with the industry and its culture, his internships as a college student, and the iconic campaigns that inspired him to make it a career
  • [16:06 – 21:40] His first taste of rejection and the discipline and organization that you need to become a successful creative
  • [21:41 – 27:10] Weiss talks about his creative process, the power of a true partnership, and how the industry has shifted to less traditional silos
  • [27:11 – 30:42] The current landscape of the industry and why innovation and technology must still serve the idea and insight
  • [30:43 – 35:55] What it’s like being a CCO, work that breaks into culture, and the value of having strong mentors who teach you attention to detail
  • [35:56 – 38:10] Weiss shares what it was like interviewing for a job during the dot-com crash
  • [38:11 – 49:59] Working for DiMassimo Goldstein and why it was the best first job you could get
  • [50:00 – 54:50] Weiss talks about the secret sauce at Cliff Freeman and the amazing people who worked there
  • [54:51 – 1:08:57] What it’s like sitting in Bill Bernbach’s office, working to resurrect the creative revolution he started, and why today is the most interesting time to be in this business
  • [1:08:58 – 1:11:51] Weiss talks about what he learned working for each of the agencies he worked for and how those experiences have shaped the creative he is today
  • [1:11:52 – 1:12:22] Outro

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