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Category : Podcast

The A-List Podcast: Episode 002 with Ty Montague

“I will bet on passion over genius every time.”

In this very special episode of “The A-List”, host Tom Christmann chats with  Ty Montague, the founder of co:collective, a growth and innovation accelerator that helps clients develop their business strategy and execute their brand story using the principles of Storydoing™. Over the course of 45 minutes, Tom and Ty relive their experience together at J. Walter Thompson, obsess over creative troublemakers, and ask the questions that really matter in life, like whether or not we are living in a computer simulation. Full episode and show notes below!

Show Notes

  • [0:00 – 1:28] Intro
  • [1:29 – 7:43] Ty’s background and the unique story of how he got into the industry
  • [7:44 – 9:40] The importance of networking, passion, and motivation
  • [9:41 – 13:50] Tom and Ty talk big agencies and their experience at JWT
  • [13:51 – 17:22] Turning ideas into something real and working with others
  • [17:23 – 21:30] Creative troublemakers and breaking barriers
  • [21:31 – 26:30] How co:collective is different than an advertising agency
  • [26:31 – 29:45] Millennials, creative opportunities, and making an impact in the world
  • [29:46 – 32:30] The traditional agency model vs. internal creative teams
  • [32:31 – 36:09] Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and innovation
  • [36:23 – 42:50] The life and work of Howard Gossage and other recommended books for students
  • [42:53 – 44:15] Are we living in a computer simulation?
  • [44:30 – 45:10] Outro

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“The A-List” is brought to you by the Adhouse Advertising School, New York’s newest, smallest, and hippest ad school. You can subscribe and rate the show on iTunes or listen along on Soundcloud. For updates on upcoming episodes and guests, be sure to like the A-List Podcast on Facebook and follow host Tom Christmann on Twitter. If you want to be interviewed for an upcoming episode, contact us at


The A-List Podcast: Episode 001 with Rob Reilly

“My advice to young people is to be the Richard Branson of advertising”

In the premier episode of “The A-List”, host Tom Christmann interviews Rob Reilly, the Global Creative Chairman of Mcann Wolrdgroup. Reilly is one of the most well-respected creatives in the industry and has been recognized at Cannes with multiple Titanium and Grand Prix Lions awards. His 20+ years of advertising experience have made this interview a must-listen for anyone in, or looking to get into the advertising industry. You can listen to the full episode and view the shownotes below:


  • (0:00 – 1:36) Intro
  • (1:37 – 5:49) Rob Reilly’s Background
  • (5:50 – 12:42) Presenting, selling, and being a charming provocateur.
  • (12:43 – 15:59) The story behind Lockheed Martin’s “Field Trip to Mars”
  • (16:00 – 18:12) Millennials and the culture of instant gratification
  • (18:13 – 32:00) Reilly’s career journey
  • (32:20 – 39:35) An evolving industry, purpose-led marketing, and the future of advertising
  • (39:36 – 47:00) Advertising portfolios and landing a job
  • (47:01 – 47:58) Outro

The A-List is brought to you by the Adhouse Advertising School, New York’s newest, smallest and hippest ad school. You can subscribe and rate the show on iTunes or listen along on Soundcloud. For updates on upcoming episodes and guests, be sure to like the A-List Podcast on Facebook and follow host Tom Christmann on twitter. If you want to be interviewed for an upcoming episode, contact us at


How To Get Any CMO Job You Want

For decades, Ty Shay has been the change agent that CEO’s dream of.

I was first introduced to Ty while he was the CMO of

“You had written a piece…it was about how the goal of the agency should be driving performance while at the same time driving a brand…It seemed like we were kindred spirits, which is why we made the change.” – Ty Shay

And kindred spirits we were. In just three quick years we were able to grow from a Silicon Valley start-up to a top-five travel website, which is where it was when it sold for $663 million. 

Since then, Ty has used the same brand response principles I wrote about in that piece to write his own ticket to any CMO job he wants.

So how can you be like Ty? How can you get any CMO job you want? Listen to the full interview below to find out:

If you’re interested in continuing the brand response conversation, email me at


Tom Christmann Joins The Don’t Get Me Started Podcast

Agency Partner and Chief Creative Officer Tom Christmann has been a busy man as of late. Aside from spearheading our awesome creative department, he’s been recording podcasts – and great ones at that.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.16.39 PM

This time it’s the Don’t Get Me Started Podcast, hosted by Dan Balser, the advertising head at the Creative Circus in Atlanta. For a little over fifty minutes, Tom takes us through a timeline of his career, recounting pivotal moments and events that have altered his philosophy and the processes behind how he works. Other topics Tom and Dan discuss are subcultures and how they align with the advertising industry; the advantages of game theory; the importance of a work-life balance; how to review a portfolio; the Mad Men Bowling league; and the challenges facing the industry today.

This podcast has been years in the making, but the conversation was well worth the wait. Listen to the the full episode below.


And, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Tom’s last podcast appearance HERE.


Tom Christmann Joins The Storyboard Podcast

Looking to learn and laugh on tomorrow morning’s commute? We’ve got you covered.

Agency Partner and Chief Creative Officer Tom Christmann recently joined Sean Grace and Nadia Blake on The Storyboard Podcast. The episode – a 38-minute adventure – is a beautiful combination of both industry knowledge and hilarity. Tune in as the three explore topics such as virtual reality, the future of advertising, the direct economy and much more. You may also find out that Tom is apparently a hologram who is “completely wasted” and “#blessed” (even though only one of those is actually true – we think).

Be sure to follow both Nice Shoes and Sound Lounge, who Co-Produce the Podcast, and be on the lookout for the next great episode!