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Category : Health

DIGO Brands the Nation’s #1 Respiratory Hospital

Nation’s top respiratory hospital launches the second “We Never Say Never” television ad.

National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado, named by U.S. News & World Report as the #1 respiratory hospital in the U.S., has released “Camping”, the second television ad in the “We Never Say Never” campaign launched earlier this year. This (more…)

DIGO Brands Hope

Production teams have been working overtime in and around “DIGO West” where job one is DIGO’s first campaign for the nation’s number one respiratory hospital, National Jewish Health, an organization with a well deserved global reputation, (more…)

Pfizer’s Detrol

Growth Key: Shift from Symptoms to Aspirations. Chosen for Pfizer’s first-ever foray into buzz and digital, creating the most efficient campaign in the history of the brand.Life beyond the bathroom.


Crunch Fitness

Growth Key: Reposition as Entertainment. From small independent to urban empire. 20% month-over-month membership increases for 24 months by re-framing the competitive set from fitness to entertainment.