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Author: Team DIGO


Growth Key: Smile as Style.Repositioned tooth whitener brand from oral care to lifestyle/fashion with an end-to-end relaunch.


Fifth Third Bank

Growth Key: UNREWARDS.
Identified key insight about Fifth Third’s conservative Midwest customer — rewards needed to be real. Immediately increased participation and redemption.


Growth Key: Reposition from Shopping to Game. Guerilla/buzz promotion glamorized the excitement of winning an auction by encouraging people to “top their trophy.”


Crunch Fitness

Growth Key: Reposition as Entertainment. From small independent to urban empire. 20% month-over-month membership increases for 24 months by re-framing the competitive set from fitness to entertainment.



Growth Key: Turn distrust into love.
This leading cable company grew acquisition efficiency by over 63% and reduced attrition by over 10%.


DIGO Brands the Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times
November 22, 2010

Offlining Inc. wants you to unplug from the computer and reconnect to flesh-and-blood family and friends. Not all the time, just some of the time. Like, during major holidays. The company was created after co-founders Mark DiMassimo and Eric Yaverbaum, two plugged-in New York businessmen, “looked up” one day and became reacquainted with the things they had been missing while going online — kids, wives, birds and nature in general, according to the company website. To read more click here.