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DIGO Brands Housekeepers

Everybody’s talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s now more than ten-year-old secret child with a longtime household staffer. The questions that typically come up are how he kept it a secret for so long and what this will do to the Arnold brand and business prospects. No one seems to bring up the housekeepers. Privy to secrets, to valued possessions and to private moments, they are often poorly paid, work long, unregulated hours and have no professional redress. The employer-employee power imbalance is extreme. Now, while some may snigger at Schwarzenegger, others are eying their housekeepers with perhaps just a touch more suspicion and/or even lust. There is no doubt to this student of brand marketing what this means. In a percentage of those households, the ones where the previous equilibrium was already precarious — paranoid households, lustful households — things are likely to happen as a direct result of this.

We at DIGO think it’s a shame that the brand “Housekeeper” should be further tarnished by the actions of two people in Brentwood. So, along with tap water, and the off button, we are adding “Housekeeper” to our list of adopted, formerly unsung brands. Take that, Arnold!


DIGO Brands Never Says “Never”

National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado, named by U.S. News & World Report as the #1 respiratory hospital in the U.S., is launching a new campaign created by DIGO Brands in New York City.

‘We never say never’ captures the spirit behind the extraordinary commitment and expertise that National Jewish Health brings to the treatment of people with respiratory, cardiovascular, immune and related disorders” says Mark DiMassimo, DIGO CEO and Chief Creative Officer.

“‘We never say never’ is the reason so many things that were once impossible are now routine, and it’s the reason that the intractable, the untreatable, the incurable and the unmanageable are routinely turned around at this leading academic medical center.”

The 111-year-old institution is known worldwide for treatment of the most challenging patients and for groundbreaking medical research. Its renowned faculty integrate the latest scientific discoveries with a team approach to deliver unsurpassed medical care. Michael Salem, M.D., President and CEO of National Jewish Health, says, “When I heard the line ‘We never say never,’ I realized instantly that these four words describe what differentiates National Jewish Health. Patients hear a lot of ‘never’ out there. At National Jewish Health, we are committed to finding solutions where others have not. It’s enormously satisfying to know that we’re giving patients hope and life. National Jewish Health assigned the account to DIGO in July 2010 after a nationwide search. The new campaign encompasses television, radio, digital, newspaper, magazines and out of home. Media will run nationally.

“We have always been a national institution,” adds Salem. “Patients from around the country with respiratory, cardiovascular, immune and related diseases have come to
Denver and National Jewish Health for 111 years.”National Jewish Health is known worldwide for treatment of patients with respiratory, cardiac, immune and related disorders, and for groundbreaking medical research.

Founded in 1899 as a nonprofit hospital, National Jewish Health remains the only facility in the world dedicated exclusively to these disorders. Since 1998, U.S. News & World Report has ranked National Jewish Health the #1 pulmonology hospital in the nation. DIGO Brands, founded in 1996 by Mark DiMassimo, is a brand-driven growth network. Our companies work together seamlessly to help ambitious organizations grow.

DIGO Brands have partnered with visionary leaders on many of the extraordinary growth successes of the past two decades. These include Comcast, Crunch Fitness, JetBlue, National Jewish Health, Island, ESPN, HBO, thinkorswim, Citi, Gateway, McKinsey, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

DIGO Brands includes DiMassimo Goldstein, a leading full-service brand, advertising, direct and digital agency; DIGO/Ericho public relations and social marketing, brand-driven content, entertainment and digital products; and the Tappening and Offlining movements.


DIGO Brands Fifteen Years

Royal Honeymoon Rumors Swirl. President Obama At Ground Zero. DIGO Marks 15 Years of helping visionary leaders grow brands and businesses. It’s a big week! We’ve gotten to see a lot of history up close in the past decade and a half. We had a front row seat for the pc goldrush, the first dot com boom and bust, the attacks of September 11, 2001, and the devastating fiscal aftermath, the electronification of the markets, the meltdown of 2008, the socialization and gamification of everything…

Through it all we joyfully hastened the extinction of dinosaur business models while championing the sometimes spectacular rise of new ones.In our first 15 years, we’ve relished the hard work of growing brands, campaigns and businesses. Even more so, we’ve loved building the relationships and credibility that continue to drive us relentlessly forward.People you will admire, will tell you how we committed to their success, then drove ourselves and everyone involved to do what it took to deliver what we promised, and more. People with whom we have been privileged to change the world, either a little or a lot. People who believe as we do, that there is no success without commitment.

So here’s to the next 15 years of Brand. Driven. Growth. Let the adventure continue!


Mark DiMassimo, CEO & Chief Creative Officer

One part social scientist, two parts creative marketer, DiMassimo is a writer, creative director, entrepreneur, experimenter-in-chief, CEO and founder of DIGO.

After studying social sciences at Cornell and Purchase College, telemarketing advertising specialties, taking a band on the road, founding two successful companies and making tongues wag for more than a decade with his work for a who’s who list of top direct and integrated Madison Avenue agencies, DiMassimo had an epiphany: “I’d rather sweep the floors in a great place than rule a mediocre company!”

The same day, he bought a broom and presented himself for work at a promising agency he’d read about. Within a year, he rose to creative director of Kirshenbaum & Bond, building an integrated marketing group that, within three years, constituted more than half the agency and had become a multiple Effie Award winner, while helping the agency nearly triple in size.


What is your personal brand?
Brand. Driven. Growth.

Seriously playful, challengingly appreciative, purposefully empathetic — inspired, business, artist.
What drives you?
I was born with a first-class imagination.

I can see the future coming, envisioning the possibilities in Technicolor 3D Sensurround, with the volume on eleven.

My imagination has the power to paralyze me with fear or inspire me to great feats. It has done both. I have lived both.

I have had days, fortunately decades in the past now, when courage was crossing a bridge, taking a bite of food or walking out the front door.

So I take nothing for granted but the opportunities that are right in front of me.

I know I can be fearful or courageous, or both at the same time. Every day, my world can either expand or contract. Courage is a muscle. Inspiration is the opposite of fear. And a skill that improves with practice. It lets you see challenge as opportunity. Today’s decisions as the fathers of tomorrow’s choices.

So, growth isn’t an option for me. It’s not an intellectual concept. It’s a must.

It’s just the opposite of complacency. Because the future is coming. And, hey, you never know.

So let’s work on what we can, today!
Tell us a personal growth story.
I just did.


A Teaser of the Playlist

    • 1) Jenny (867-5309) –Tommy Tu Tone

    • 2) Breakfast At Tiffanys –Deep Blue Something
    • 3) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap –AC/DC
    • 4) All That She Wants –Ace of Base
    • 5) Teenage Wasteland –The Who

    • 6) Time After Time –Cyndi Lauper
    • 7) Bohemian Rhapsody –Queen
    • 8) Forgot About Dre –Dre
    • 9) Hip Hop Horray –Naughty By Nature

  • 10) MMMBop –Hanson
  • 11) Pump Up The Jam –Technotronic
  • 12) Tom Sawyer –Rush
  • 13) More Than A Feeling –Boston
  • 14) Like A Rolling Stone –Bob Dylan
  • 15) Somebody To Love –Jefferson Airplane


Ruth Ayres, Director of Strategy and Marketing

What is your personal brand?
The Investigator

What drives you?
Curiosity and ambition

Tell us a personal growth story.
The first time I was put in charge of my department and presented our findings on a project to the CEO, the presentation was very thorough about our process and learnings. At the end I asked the CEO what she thought we should do. She shot me a look that I’ll never forget and said, “I’m paying you to tell me what YOU think we should do.” Instant growth moment. Of course, I did tell her what I thought and I’ve been seriously over-sharing what I think to CEOs ever since!