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Guide to Business Cursing – The Email Version.

In my e-book, DIGITAL@speed, I included a brief guide to business cursing, explicating in hard language and a light-hearted tone the various ways in which deftly deployed common swear words can speed up a process.

Well, I’ll be damned! Now, the Obama Campaign has come out with another proven use of tactical swearing to improve results – the email subject line! The campaign learned that throwing out minor profanity such as “Hell yeah, I like Obamacare” got big clicks.

People who love you don’t unsubscribe.

We who email naturally worry about unsubscribers. We limit how much email we send for fear of wearing out patience and in the confident expectation of diminishing returns. That’s probably a good thing.

But there is evidence to suggest that, at least for certain brands, there is a better approach to optimizing email success. It comes down to sending as much as possible, while testing for diminishing returns. The Obama email team did this and found that, for them, there was no limit.

How To Lose The Direct Response Game

Why do we under-test?

Here are some lessons from the winning Obama Campaign, via Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

I love this article because it neatly demonstrates what all marketers who use direct response tactics should know, but typically don’t. It gives some great examples of what marketers using direct response tactics should do, but overwhelmingly don’t. And it shows the results, including the large sums of money that most marketers leave on the table.

Their marketing crime: under-testing.

AliveCor’s EKG Monitoring Case For iPhone Gets FDA Approval.

Don’t be surprised if your next doctor visit requires you to touch your physician’s smartphone: the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved an iPhone case from AliveCor that can monitor your pulse and heart rhythm. The $199 AliveCor Heart Monitor, which works with either an iPhone 4 or 4S, is available for pre-orders and should be shipping to medical professionals by January of 2013.

Collaboration Is The Path To Digital Connection.

The argument is over.

Digital is the most effective and efficient means of connecting with customers. Increasing consumer engagement digitally has measurable impact on both the top and bottom lines. Compelling digital content fuels an increasingly social, mobile, and connected world.
Case closed.

So we can all just get on with it, right?

Not quite.

Yes, there is agreement that digital technology has killed the traditional marketing funnel as consumers turn to one another for advice and information–and that this shift has put pressure on brands to create content that is consumable, shareable, and credible. But the common response seems to be to saddle marketing or corporate communications (or their agencies) with budget-starved mandates to get digital, to become publishers, to interact.

Hedge Funds may soon be able to market.

With the stage now set to reduce the restrictions on how privately traded securities can be marketed, there’s a very real concern that unsophisticated investors can be mislead by advertising for risky or even fraudulent investments.

Concerned opponents of the change conjure up images of billboards, TV ads and telemarketing calls touting high-risk investment opportunities to the unsuspecting masses. Yes, dishonest and unethical marketing happens, and sometimes it even works. Neither is unique to financial services. (more…)

Let my people go!

Will any of you take me up on this? Unless your job is to operate a computer – get away from your computer!

Get out of the office, and leave it behind, chained to your desk where it belongs.

The best ideas have been received in bars and coffee shops, garages and showers, beds and walks and shopping trips. Digital tools are so seductive, our lust for seeing our idea produced is so overwhelming, we are missing the whole game. (more…)