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What a Lincoln and A. Lincoln have in common

Presidents and Companies as Challengers and Leaders.

Successful presidential candidates and innovative fast-growth companies have lot in common. Both must succeed first as challengers and ultimately as leaders. This is as rare a trick among companies as it is among politicians. (more…)

The Way of The Cheetah

By Mark DiMassimo Founder and Chief of DIGO.

You can take the elephants and the dinosaurs – I like the Cheetahs.

I’ve spent the better part of my career working closely with leaders of innovative, fast-growing midsized organizations. I’ve coined a term for these leaders and their companies – I call them “Cheetahs.”

It is a privilege to be able to work intimately with these visionaries. Every working day is like going to the school of my dreams. As a young man living in Paris in the 1920s, (more…)

DIGO Says “Never Say Never”… Again

National Jewish Health has been recognized by US News & World Report as the nation’s leading respiratory hospital every year since 1998. This achievement stems from NJH’s deep commitment to excellence, which was also the inspiration for the Never Say Never campaign DIGO launched two years ago. Since then, National Jewish Health has grown and is embarking on an ambitious expansion. So we created a new spot for the campaign that delivers the news within the same inspirational storytelling that made the original spots so effective and affecting. Enjoy! Breath easier. Tell everyone.

Learn from Zappos

You have to try on shoes. So who’s going to buy them online?

Turns out the answer is “a lot of people!”

Zappos earned trust and a lot of loyal customers by taking the cost and risk out of ordering shoes online. (more…)

Offlining As Luxury in the New York Times

We introduced the world to the concept of Offlining and we gave this trend its name. DIGO “adopted the off button” as our pro bono client, created an organization, and showed how far big ideas, clever word-of-mouth marketing and a few dollars could go in building social (more…)

Computers and Cowspots

Many people made small fortunes in the direct-to-consumer computer boom of the nineties and early 21’s century. Unfortunately for many of those people, the small fortunes were made out of much larger fortunes. (more…)