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Learn Luxury Marketing from Coach

One of the wonderful things about agency life is that you get to learn from so many smart clients. When it comes to luxury marketing, I’ve had the best seats in the house. Dom Perignon, Moet & Chandon, Mikimoto, Van Cleef & Arpels, The Plaza Hotel, Fairmont, Jumeirah, Starwood Preferred Guest, Paul Stuart, Lotus… Coach. (more…)

Learn from Wikipedia.

People will work hard even when there’s no money and little credit involved, if the challenge and subject matter moves them.

Thousands of volunteers around the world can keep an encyclopedia up to date and accurate enough to be incredibly useful (more…)

Learn from Squidoo.

Marketing genius Seth Godin founded Squidoo. This in itself is not a guarantee of success. Godin has founded many things, and quite a few of them didn’t work out, as he will freely admit in his own bio.

I’d bet on Squidoo. It has more than the spark (more…)

Make everything you touch more persuasive

Professor BJ Fogg, founder of the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University, discovered a relatively simple principle for making every interaction more persuasive. I’ve further simplified (without oversimplifying) it here. You can apply this to everything you touch to make it more persuasive and effective. (more…)

Now That’s A Big Idea!

Nothing speeds things up by solving multiple problems at once like a BIG idea. Here’s how to get more of them.

BIG ideas are different. They don’t so much defy logic, as go beyond it. They challenge the illusion of costless compromise. If you are competing with, or trying to reinvigorate a large organization, you need to be able to green light the big idea.

So, what is a big idea? What does it look like before it becomes a big idea? How can you recognize an opportunity (more…)

DIGO Brands Digital

We don’t just do digital. We seize the opportunities of the digital age. We test and measure much more because it costs less to test than to fail to test. We use direct response results to inform not just direct tactics but the brand.

We believe that the user experience – of the product, the service, the website, the app, (more…)