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5 Classic “Reframing” Movies You Must See Again!

So, by now you know I’m obsessed with reframing. In short, it goes like this: Your brain is a lazy piece of meat, it needs to be shocked into seeing things differently!

I absolutely love these classic movies and each one of them is all about reframing. If you want to become a master of changing perceptions, do as I do and watch them again and again. It’s fun work.

1) A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens classic employs the ghosts of past, present and future to change an old man’s mind, which changes his life. Get to know it like the back of your hand.

DIGO Brands AliveCor in The Wall Street Journal.

When you represent real news, the hard part is keeping up. Everyone is writing about The AliveCor Mobile Heart Monitor, because the recently FDA-approved mobile health marvel represents a revolution in healthcare. DIGO is the brand and business building partner for AliveCor, doing everything from branding and design, to marketing strategy, advertising to professionals and the public, public relations and social, while Proove does the media and optimizations. (more…)

Hey… check this out.

Turns out the Obama Campaign direct marketing and analytics team learned what we’ve learned many times over, that “the casual tone” often works best.

Whether you’re thinking in terms of “direct response,” “click-thru,” or “engagement,” camouflage — looking like something else that would naturally appear in the context and typically invite engagement, like a note from a friend in the email inbox — is typically a highly effective tactic.

DIGO Brands Innovative Double Cross Vodka Events

Double Cross Vodka sponsors some fantastic events. One event was Speak Up for Autism at 1OAK where people came together to raise money for autism. Guests at this event participated in a silent auction while sipping on Double Cross Vodka. Some enjoyed themselves in the Double Cross VIP section where each table had their own bottle of Double Cross Vodka.

DIGO Brands AliveCor In Gizmodo.

Our client AliveCor recently received FDA approval and a medical grade mobile ECG device, revolutionizing the mHealth industry. The device snaps on the your iPhone 4/4S, and with the quick download of a free app and setting up a free account, medical professionals can now take ECGs anywhere, anytime.

Guide to Business Cursing – The Email Version.

In my e-book, DIGITAL@speed, I included a brief guide to business cursing, explicating in hard language and a light-hearted tone the various ways in which deftly deployed common swear words can speed up a process.

Well, I’ll be damned! Now, the Obama Campaign has come out with another proven use of tactical swearing to improve results – the email subject line! The campaign learned that throwing out minor profanity such as “Hell yeah, I like Obamacare” got big clicks.

Like an Internship in the CIA, Plus Vodka.

My first day I sat down and I thought “I am a spy working for an advertising agency!”

Each week I am given a list of events for Double Cross Vodka. When I attend these events I make sure to write down how they set up, what the brand presence is and if anyone talks about the brand. I document the night by taking photos.