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The Founder CEO, A Marketer’s Orientation.

I love working for and with Founder/CEOs.

No doubt, this makes me an eccentric marketer and an odder ad guy, and casts extreme suspicion on my membership in the creative community.

Marketers are supposed to want to run their own empires – otherwise why spend all that money on a Harvard MBA and all that energy climbing the corporate ladder? Creative directors think the ideal client listens to their presentations, and then applauds. Ad agencies think their job is to please the target audience no matter what the client might think.

Bigger Isn’t Better: Mad Men Season 6, Episode 6

This week’s Mad Men opens with intoxicating talk of an IPO for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. This brings out the worst in nearly all of them.

When personal greed comes in, client interests are soon forgotten.

An agency focused on cashing out is not an agency focused on client success.

Don inadvertently torpedoes the IPO when he resigns a client. This particular client happens to be a snake and should never have been allowed to slither into the agency in the first place. This is a rare righteous moment for Don.

So, now the agency’s hopes turn to winning a much bigger client. But why?

Brand Direct Revisited.

It’s just over thirteen years since I introduced the concept of “Brand Direct” in an Op Ed style piece in Adweek. It’s a time capsule that holds up well, especially in light of subsequent events. In fact, while most of the “dot coms” went off the cliff like so many lemmings, some of our clients went on to define and lead the next and more lasting boom. Direct Model Leader: “There is no time but the present to build a brand.” Check it out:

Mayor Bloomberg Visits On Deck Capital.

Today, Mayor Bloomberg stopped by our client On Deck Capital for an inaugural press conference at their new office. He spoke about their contribution to the booming New York City technology industry, in both innovation and job growth.

Forbes: Digital Health Comes of Age–AliveCor

John Nosta, Forbes

If 2013 is the year of digital health, then the new AliveCor smart phone ECG is the product of the year.

I’ve had mine for just a few days and find it a significant tool for a host of clinical applications–for just about anyone. Granted, there are FDA restrictions for now, I still believe that digital health has taken a bold step forward and landed in the arena of clinical medicine. Digital health is now moving away from “digital fitness” and taking a foot hold in practice. The applications are vast and significant.

DIGO Brands The Today Show.

Mark DiMassimo was interviewed as a brand expert by FoxNews on the Matt Lauer/Ann Curry/NBC fiasco. Story below:

Hollie McKay,

It is the story that never ends.

The image of a sobbing, pained Ann Curry on her last morning co-anchoring ‘Today’ alongside a seemingly insincere Matt Lauer – who awkwardly offers a shoulder rub – remains firmly planted in the minds of American audiences.

AliveCor Airplane Rescue.

For the second time, Dr. Eric Topol used the AliveCor heart monitor on an airplane to assist a passenger in distress. This time, the passenger was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, and was able to be stabilized until the flight landed as scheduled. The first time, Dr. Topol advised the pilot to make an emergency landing for a passenger who was diagnosed with an imminent heart attack.