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DIGO Brands the #1 Respiratory Hospital 15 Years In A Row.

We pride ourselves on doing heroic things for our clients. But working with organizations like National Jewish Health puts that kind of heroism in perspective. In our client’s organization, people are routinely retrieved from death’s door, as NJH is recognized as the world’s leader in curing MDR (Multi-Disease Resistant) lung infections. Returning soldiers have hope of better heath and breathing because of National Jewish Health. The best practices of respiratory medicine, the technology that becomes the standard, and the breakthroughs that give people life and breath… it really is true that the people of National Jewish Health NEVER SAY NEVER. (more…)

Children Brand The Plaza Hotel

Tom Civitano, EVP of Marketing for the Plaza Hotel in New York noticed a lot by working and watching the hotel’s front desk. With his agency, DiMassimo Brand Advertising (now DIGO) he did an unobtrusive survey of families checking in, asking a single, simple question, “How did you decide to stay at The Plaza.” Nearly eight out of ten families claimed the children had decided! (more…)

DIGO Brands The Pitch Process

AMC’s new documentary series “The Pitch” features some terrific agencies this first season, including DIGO in Episode 7 scheduled to premier on Monday, June 4th at 9pm. “The Pitch” has spawned a lot of comments within the agency community about the agency pitch process itself. Negative comments. Nasty comments. Prideful, rebellious comments. So, we threw our comment into the mix, and republished it here. (more…)

No Chocolate On The Pillow, But A Pearl.

Upscale hotels leave a chocolate on your pillow. Tom Civitano was determined that The Plaza Hotel would never be a typical upscale hotel. His standard was “Legendary.”

The budget, however, would barely pay for chocolates. Tom’s idea: A Pearl!
He approached Mikimoto, the famous purveyor of the world’s finest pearls. He told the CEO of Mikimoto all about the Plaza Hotel’s clientele, including how much they were spending on jewelry (more…)

DIGO Brands Broker Advertising

(NEW YORK – May 8, 2012) – Award-winning broker-dealer and futures commission merchant TradeStation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Monex Group, Inc. (TSE: 8698), today launched a new integrated marketing campaign, highlighting its award-winning platform. New York-based brand-building agency DiMassimo Goldstein (DIGO) created “The Proof is in the Platform” initiative, which will feature print, TV and digital advertising along with a strong social media component. (more…)