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Category : Thinking

DIGO Thought Leadership

Jeff Pundyk

Digital Thought Leadership. Content Marketing. Branded Content. Call it what you will. The evolution of digital media — particularly the rise of social networks — has created the opportunity for brands to build relevance and trust with their customers by participating, convening, aggregating, syndicating and publishing across multiple channels in a thoughtful way.

By offering content with real value, utility and a credible editorial position focused on topics of affinity to your customers and prospects, you can:

  • Lay claim to your areas of expertise
  • Sharpen and validate your point of view
  • Collaborate with other experts and customers
  • Get market feedback
  • Deepen your connection to existing clients
  • Broaden your reach
  • Be relevant

Jeff Pundyk, one of the earliest publishers to make the transition from print to digital, leads DIGO’s content and digital strategy team. Jeff was publisher of the McKinsey Quarterly, McKinsey & Co.’s online and print publication on business management, from 2000 to 2010. Our team stands ready to help you put what you know to work to connect with clients, prospects, and recruits in a richer, more sustainable way.

Typos r Good

People in a hurry have to choose.

Choose a veneer of blamelessness. Or choose optimal progress.

It’s really that simple, and that difficult. Because people like to be blameless. They like to manage risk by trying to eliminate it. They want to appear all buttoned up, all the time. They don’t want be seen to fail, even in small ways on less important things.

But what if your choice is to risk failing on the small things versus a certainty of falling behind on the essential things? (more…)

Learn from PostSecret

PostSecret is the Haiku of the web. And it’s long been a very highly trafficked site. It’s so simple. People submit postcards, which conform to simple guidelines, sharing their secrets. PostSecret posts them online, and perhaps ads a bit of the comments they inspire.

What can you learn from PostSecret? To give people a simple art form, with rules that make success more likely. Discover something that needs to be expressed and give them the chance to express it.

DIGO did this when we created, “Talk Back To Cancer” for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. We knew people had an intense relationship with their cancer, so we built a simple social outlet for them.

It worked.

DIGO Brands The Marlboro Cowboy

If you ever doubt the power of what we brand builders do, pause briefly to consider the Marlboro Cowboy.

This image helped to addict millions. This after it transformed a minor women’s cigarette brand into a legendary masculine number one brand smoked by men and women alike.

Consider what that word “Cowboy” means to the American psyche, and indeed to the world. This is branding and image-making par excellence. (more…)

Are You An Incrementalist? Or an Optimizer?

At DIGO, we’re often asked how we approach our e-mail and other direct response testing. Do we have a list of variables and guidelines?

The answer is, at DIGO we don’t so much have a list as a testing philosophy. Of course we read Direct Marketing News, belong to the associations, read their websites, attend webinars, get newsletters, judge and attend award shows, and generally do all we can to get into the stream of information that professionals in the industry ought to digest. (more…)

DIGO Brands the War of the Inbox

The first “killer app” of the Internet is fast becoming the most important. Lowly E-mail!

Back in 1999, when Seth Godin wrote the groundbreaking book Permission Marketing, he predicted that an increasing percentage of marketing messages would be, “anticipated, personal and relevant.”

It was a radical idea at the time. E-commerce marketers with their frictionless webs were doing just fine, thank you. But today, the battle is on for the inbox. (more…)

Steve Jobs, and the one that got away

Marty Staff, our client at Joseph Abboud, told us about a call he’d received from Steven Jobs, the CEO of Apple. Marty’s company had their flagship store in a prime location in New York City, and Steve was looking for the perfect spot for the first New York City Apple Store. And here’s the first interesting thing: (more…)

DIGO Going Offline

Agencies should spend a lot of time coming up with ideas for clients.

It’s a simple thing, but the wall of information we all deal with can get in the way. That’s why, at DIGO, our most productive days tend to be Offlining Days.

What is Offlining? It’s a campaign we created in response to our growing attachment to devices, to encourage people to spend a little less time looking at screens and a little more time paying attention to the people in front of them.

This Friday, we’ll practice what we preach and take the entire agency offline from 10:30. Everyone in the office will put down (more…)