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DIGO Brands FreshDirect in Four New Radio Spots.

The process of grocery shopping still leaves, for most of us, a lot to be desired. Online grocery delivery makes the shopping part painless, but the first question people ask when faced with that proposition is “But will I get the same quality?”

With FreshDirect, they’ll actually get better quality than what they would get at the store. So we had a quality story to tell, but needed to reinforce convenience at the same time. And of course we needed a campaign that could tell that story in outdoor, print, digital, and – for launching new markets, especially – radio.

Learn To Partner.

Jeff Pundyk, CMO.com

In my last post I suggested that one way to let new ideas in was to partner with those who have capabilities you admire. Partner to learn, I said. But there’s a precursor that I should have mentioned. Before you can partner to learn, you must learn to partner.