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Category : Thinking

Change What’s Changing In Media.

People get ahead of advertisers, and when they do there is opportunity for change agents like you to seize advantage.

In this case, a few words from the very smart to the wise should be sufficient to get some productive conversations going.

Mary Meeker of venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins analyzed the percentage of time spent on each medium and compared it to ad spend. She found consumers spend 26% of their media consumption time online, while marketers spend 22% of their ad budgets on digital. TV should fare better, with consumers spending 43% of their media time watching TVand marketers spending 42% of their ad budgets on the thing we used to call the “tube.” Mobile is the area best poised for geometric growth, as consumers are now spending 10% of their time with mobile, while marketers are only spending a wee 1% of their ad budgets there.

How to Write a Winning Essay.

I wrote this little system to help my twelve year olds write their school assignments, then took a look at it and realized it would work pretty well for you and me too. Enjoy!

1) Talk it out. Find a subject that really interests you. Play around with a few different “points to prove” until you come up with one that really excites you.

2) Write down your main point. Make sure you’ve really stated it clearly and well.

5 Classic “Reframing” Movies You Must See Again!

So, by now you know I’m obsessed with reframing. In short, it goes like this: Your brain is a lazy piece of meat, it needs to be shocked into seeing things differently!

I absolutely love these classic movies and each one of them is all about reframing. If you want to become a master of changing perceptions, do as I do and watch them again and again. It’s fun work.

1) A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens classic employs the ghosts of past, present and future to change an old man’s mind, which changes his life. Get to know it like the back of your hand.

Perception Matters More than Reality.

Things I believe:

1) You’re wealthy. If you are not freezing in your own house in the winter, if half of your 17 kids didn’t fail to survive to adulthood, if you can warm up and charge up in a public library and get treated in a modern emergency room, if you have access to antibiotics, then you are like a God compared to the robber barons of a century ago. Deal with it.

A few social media highlights to start your week…

Happy New Year and welcome back!

1. In reference to the privacy policy changes, Instagram released this statement. Your photos are safe—hurray!

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4. 75% of World Leaders on Twitter

5. Is Snapchat the Next Frontier for Marketers?

6. Facebook Removing Attribution When Pages Post Via Third-Party Apps

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How To Turn Your Digital Thought Leadership Into Business Development.

You made the move. You invested heavily to put your thought leadership online. Now you’re wondering what happened to all of the cost savings and audience growth you were promised.

Don’t blame digital. For B2B firms that view their online journals as a forum to host an open exchange with readers, the rewards are there. What’s more, the very tools used to create the exchange can be a rich source of data to help guide ongoing marketing efforts.