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Category : Thinking

The Interview: Amway CMO Candace Matthews

In 2007 Amway was a global, $6 billion company nearing 50 years in business. Known as a leader in multilevel direct selling, the company had nearly 3 million distributors in about 100 countries. From the outside, the company would certainly appear to have been doing plenty right.

Yet, as it prepared for the 50 anniversary, Amway undertook a massive transformation program, one designed to make the company more consumer-focused and performance-driven.

DIGO Brands FreshDirect in Four New Radio Spots.

The process of grocery shopping still leaves, for most of us, a lot to be desired. Online grocery delivery makes the shopping part painless, but the first question people ask when faced with that proposition is “But will I get the same quality?”

With FreshDirect, they’ll actually get better quality than what they would get at the store. So we had a quality story to tell, but needed to reinforce convenience at the same time. And of course we needed a campaign that could tell that story in outdoor, print, digital, and – for launching new markets, especially – radio.

Learn To Partner.

Jeff Pundyk,

In my last post I suggested that one way to let new ideas in was to partner with those who have capabilities you admire. Partner to learn, I said. But there’s a precursor that I should have mentioned. Before you can partner to learn, you must learn to partner.

Seven Ways To See Beyond The Next Quarter.

Jeff Pundyk,

It’s a new year with new goals, and you have rededicated yourself to driving results. You are focused and energized. Head down.

Wait. With your head down, you just might miss the signs of change, the subtle shifts that signal that your customers are operating in a different way, that competition is coming from someplace unexpected, that the nature of your opportunity has changed.