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Category : Thinking

Brand Direct Revisited.

It’s just over thirteen years since I introduced the concept of “Brand Direct” in an Op Ed style piece in Adweek. It’s a time capsule that holds up well, especially in light of subsequent events. In fact, while most of the “dot coms” went off the cliff like so many lemmings, some of our clients went on to define and lead the next and more lasting boom. Direct Model Leader: “There is no time but the present to build a brand.” Check it out:

Engineering desire.

You wake up on a speeding train, in a bubbling landscape, on a fragile orb careening through space. You open your eyes, and you try to make sense of your predicament. There are other eyes. And they come with explanations. The explanations conflict. If you’re lucky, you learn how to make yourself happy. And then you’re happy with your own explanations, and nearly all the new that occurs to you gets filed in the established folders. (more…)

Who Wants to Build A Better Banner?

If you read what people are writing about display advertising, you will be tempted to think that the answer is, “Hardly anyone.”
It’s not that people – consumers, users, surfers, people – hate banner ads. It’s the people who make them and use them that hate them.

Inspiring Experiences.

A good friend of mine nearly died when he was 35 years old. Something to do with a heart valve.

He needed an eight-hour operation.

Before the operation, the surgeon looked at my friend and said, “I’m not worried about you. There are going to be 26 experts in the room all working together to make sure that you are OK in every way. I trust these people without question, and I’ll be there every step to make sure. You’ll be OK.”

Then the Dr. turned to my friend’s wife and said, “But I am worried about you. You’ll be off on your own, waiting, and it can feel like an eternity…” The doctor proceeded to tell my friend’s wife some things that would help her get through the waiting and some resources that were available to her. (more…)